Hilarity from Ryan North of qwantz.com: Dinosaur Comics

There are so many funny comics by Ryan North done in the exact same format. Definitely worth a look. Here's todays. It had me cracking up!!


New things at long last!

After a very long hiatus we are coming back with more stuff. So all five of  you readers should get ready, because I'm launching a series called "Commercial-ology" I discuss some cool and cool looking commercials.

The underlying theme is the observation of the ascendence of the advertising spot in quality. Advertising people have always taken their craft seriously, but now that TV shows are mostly God-awful dreck the contrast is starting to be stark. Commercials often have better production values, better writing and are better thought out than the majority of our television shows.

So every now and then I will showcase the ones I see fit. See you back here real soon!



Found Art Fridays 12-12-08: Double Up

Whats up, peoples? Its 12/12 today, So I'm gonna make like R.Kelly and double up on ya.

But don't worry, you won't need to clean up after this post, its just a double shot of found art just in time for the weekend.

There is a loose theme, but I can't really put my finger on it. Logos, letters and graphic-y stuff, I guess...

apple logos
The apple logo's evolution. weird, but i kinda like that old one.

shell evolution
The Shell logo's evolution.

Logos by James White.


eight logo
One of my favorite numbers, and I love this logo.

A Pacman font.

dj magic
look close and you'll see...

the art group
old is cool
hi res feed
Cool lines and a swoopy characteristic that I enjoy.

type _form_code
form close
Wow this one is crazy, what's going on here?

nelo mobel
I have a thing for lines. What?

Nice image, sawing a cloud in half.

what the heck does this say/mean? Kinda looks like someone I could have gone to school with...

Another one I couldn't figure out, but I couldn't leave it out, either.

f typography
Um...you said it?

You made it! I think you just earned yourself a Christmas cookie...mmmm..cookie...*drool*

Have a great weekend, and God bless us, every one! - Tiny Vin


Wednesdays: The Wackness

You know whats wack? Mainstream media making all these girls feel like looking as good as Jessica Alba isnt even good enough. You know what's really wack? The Big 3 asking us to bail them out when they were too stupid to realize that the economic boom was gonna go bust eventually.

Yeah, these people photoshopped Jessica Alba. So now they're essentially saying that even if you starve yourself and try to attain what is genetically only possible for a small portion of the populous it still ain't good enough. You fail, we photoshop you now. And this cycle of creating unrealistic standards for young girls to try and meet? It's not stopping.



As for the Auto Companies. Here is a letter.

Dear GM, FordMotorCo, and Chrysler LLC.

You guys suck, you know that? First you decide that Big Oil is a better friend than the consumer and drag your feet for thirty years on making fuel efficiency a priority. 
Then, when we all got rich and lazy you encouraged further gas gluttony with about 30 new models of SUV in the late 90's. You saw that people were buying multiple cars per person and thought this would last forever, so you gave cheap credit to everyone (just like those housing fools), and gave your Unions outrageous contracts. 

Now that the @#&^ is hitting the fan you realize that we want gas sippers but you make about four. We're not spending money like idiots anymore and you were counting on that. 
And those Union contracts? Well you just screwed yourselves on that. Letting someone retire young and then giving them 95% of their salary for life?? Are you kidding me?? 

So now you want us to bail you out. Well too bad. 

Let the Oil Companies bail you out. I mean, they owe you. You guys make all the gas guzzlers. Now get outta my face.

Love, VinKong

the bailout


Found Art Fridays:12-5-08

Art History Pop Quiz...or something. Today is a random Friday so you get a random found art selection. just some cool stuff I be findin on the webs. 

All you art school kids, quick what is this ad (possibly not an ad?) modeled after?*

raft of the medusas
*answer at the bottom!

banksy quote
This made me sit back, reread, and contemplate.

fries lust
...need i say anything?

this just really appeals to me for a few reasons. the colors, the angles drawing my eyes around the page..(i paid all that money just to learn words like 'juxtaposition' and 'rectalinear'. sighh...)

awesome doc
Say what you will, but this image got me wide eyed for a second. I mean look at it, it even has a Dr.Robotnik head. Amazing.

make ur own noise
hehe. i love those handheld keyboard thingies...so much.

ill med
The medical illustrator in me is all about this.

photoshop evolution
Just so we can realize how good we have it - Photoshop's evolution.

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for. Or have completely forgotten was coming...
original raft
*The answer is "Raft of the Medusa" by Theodore Gericault. 1818-19.

This thing is life sized yall. And this actually happened when some inept French captain let it happen. Most of them died (yes, there was cannibalism) and it was a huge scandal at the time, so this is like a huge gigantic tabloid. um...high romantic art, I mean. Read more

Have a great weekend! - VinKong


Random Comic 12-4-08

This very nerdy comic has completely sucked me in. Even though I don't always get the jokes (the author is a math/programming guy). its called xkcd.

Alternate Currency

on the rollover, he writes "For the first time ever, the phrase ' I'd like to thank everyone at 4chan for making me successful and happy' is uttered"

but seriously check out
xkcd sometime, its pretty funny, unapolagetically nerdcore, and he does a new one Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

love, VinKong


Thanksgiving got Rick Rolled

So I was under the impression that Rick rolling had already gone the way of the dinosaurs, but was it wishful thinking? 

Could an internet phenomenon that nobody was that thrilled about in the first place jump the shark?

There I was, avoiding pre-Thanksgiving dinner prep work (supposedly cleaning my room), watching this parade that I never watch.  There were some highlights, like the broadcasting booth almost being taken out by a balloon, and a nostalgia inducing rendition of 'Under the Sea' (the performers were wearing Heely's. awesome.) 

And then I saw a float for the cartoon 'Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends', a Cartoon Network show that I actually did watch for a while (what?). 

And then this happened...



Something Like a Phenomenon

Something strange has happened during this television season. A very strange phenomenon, indeed. I’ve developed a very odd relationship with some of my most favorite shows from years past. A love/hate relationship, to be more specific.

Every week I sit with TiVo remote gripped tightly and watch these shows I used to wait excitedly for all week long. But these days if I am not playing with my phone in my other hand, reading a book, fast forwarding, or drifting off into sleeping pill happy funtime land, I’m usually saying “are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me dood?!?” to nobody in particular (otherwise known as, myself).

I must let you know how I used to watch TV in order for you to grasp the signifcance of these statements. First off there must be dead silence, no crunchy snack food noise, I had to watch on the night it aired (with an allowance of time for it to run a little ahead so I could fast forward through those pesky commercials, mind you), preferably alone (to safe my significant other from bitchfits), and paying strict attention. Now it’s as if I’m skimming through the season that once held so much importance in my life (sweeps!).

So what happened? Why’d everything go down the shitter? How come I wanted so badly for a show to get cancelled which I used to love (Pushing Daisies) and yet was in fact still watching weekly? Answer: I have no fucking clue.

TV had taken a huge turn for the better in the past few years in my opinion. We had Arrested Development, The Wire, Deadwood, The Shield, The Office, 30 Rock, Entourage… must I go on? … YES. Weeds, Dexter, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Lost, Rescue Me, Nip/Tuck (for when the non-reality show trashtastic soap opera fix is needed), Heroes. I think you might finally get the point even though I probably have left some amazing shows out.

Was it the writers strike? Did they lose their train of thought? Their steam? How did Heroes go from a great show to being the clusterfuck that is all about seeing Peter “Stroke Mouth” Petrelli shirtless? How come the final season of greatness that is The Shield has been the same exact episode for the last five fucking weeks? Ever Dexter and Weeds went a little bit down in awesomeness this season.

This is the main question though, why am I still watching (albeit watching in a really pissed of mood)? Why am I wasting my precious time that could be spent on better things, such as… I don’t know something cool that people with blogs do. Why can’t I let go dammit?

It is sheer attachment. It’s like trying to let go of your most favorite, most comfortable t-shirt even though your cat shit on it and there is a giant spaghetti sauce stain on the left boob. I just can’t let go. These shows are pretty much nursing home residents who are shells of their former selves and I’m just sitting here with the waiting for their time to come. Sometimes we get a flash that reminds us of the good ol’ days and then they just start rambling as the sad reality sets in for us.

A new hope is dawning though, as shows take breaks for the holidays and seasons/series end. We have Big Love, Flight of the Conchords, Nip/Tuck, Lost, and a few others to look forward to. May they redeem my faith in televisionkind, so I’m not such a pissy bitch anymore.

The End.



Found Art Fridays:11-21-08

What's up, peoples? Its VinKong here with another installment of Found Art Fridays. Today we get the inevitable out of the way. Food. 

Anybody who knows me knows I love food. Let this not be confused with the Food Pr0n posts we have planned. This is just some cool food art. 

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

read: the way to [this] man's heart


this meatguy's got a girl ascending him. and sausage fingers. and he must be sliding on bacon grease. my mind explodes.

breadbuttercheese victory
CREEPY GIRL! also, looove grilled cheese *drool*

nemo sushi

hot sauce

yeah. you.


Wednesdays: The Wackness 11-19-08

Amy Winehouse gives an interview to some British paps via her intercom. it's the usual slurred, broken Wine-speak up until they start talking about "X-Factor" (think an international version of American Idol complete with Simon), which Amy goes on about quite lucidly.

So enjoy. The once (kinda) beautiful and massively talented jazz/soul singer is now having cracked out convos with desperate, exploitative paps from inside her flat. love, VinKong.

P.S. Check out the photo they use to depict Amy in the vid. Nice, guys.